Kate winslet. Kate Winslet

I realize it's extraordinary for a British actress. She has two sisters, and both actresses , and a brother, Joss.

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I remember I was working part-time at a deli at the time because I didn't have any money and was in the middle of making a sandwich when they phoned and said I'd got the job. Some might think that we want to live in Hollywood but that is not what we want at all.


Is this going to challenge me, is this going to inspire me, and is this going to make me love my job more than I already do? Let her do it. But mum and dad and I did kind of amble through it a bit, a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies, getting out the car, my mum stepping on my dress and I'm going "Mum, mum! Morton turned the role of that Winslet played in 2001 and Winslet turned down the role of Agatha Lively that Morton played in 2002.


Ranked as having one of the "Most Beautiful Famous Faces" by "The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World" for 17 consecutive years. Her efforts were rewarded with both a British Academy Award and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. HBO She also disclosed other tricks the crew performed to keep her character looking like a real middle-aged woman, including using dark lighting to make her naturally glowing skin duller, using minimal makeup and riding a Peloton to enlarge her thigh muscles and change her walk.

And he replied, "Then you will. In the CG-animated Flushed Away -- from Aardman and Dreamworks -- she voiced Rita, a scavenging sewer rat who helps Hugh Jackman's Roddy escape from the city of Ratropolis and return to his luxurious Kensington origins. The couple divorced in 2001.